torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Karhu Korpisavu

There's two versions of this same beer, basically the better and the worse. Alko sells the better one, the milk shop sells something else.
The real deal is copperish in color and has a taste of a darker lager beer, but with a handful of light smoke and tar. Very good stuff indeed. That handful should be larger though. Like in whiskeys, the drink should have either enough smoke and tar or non.
The milk shop version then. Watery, bitter, hard to drink. Figuratively speaking, the campfire had already burned down and the sauna was in fire when I uncorked the bottle and sipped the first mouthful.

keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Pirkka III-olut

I was suprised when i noticed that this product of Pirkka was indeed more expensive than, for example, KOFF or Karjala. In the shop nearest from me this one costed as much as Sandels. But, like always, prices vary,

Watery, no remarkable taste, slim, young, bulkish. Fourtanetly it didnt have that grassy taste in it. Few points from that and rest from the blue can. If the price is that high in every shop within walking distance, i dont have any good reason buy these Pirkka beers.

torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011

Panimomestarin Nikolai

All respects to mister Sinebrychoff. You deserve them.

I tasted the light lager(vaalea lager) one, but shouldnt it be more or less golden in color? Maybe they had different standards in the old days.

The beer itself is fuller than, say, Spitfire or Sandels, but the taste has that bulkish color known from any cheaper beer. Not a good way to pay homage to the Old Man.

perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011


Definently not a bulk beer this one. In its own area Spitfire is really good. Really good. The color is copperish and the taste is full, and british. But not british enough. Like a good german beer, great british beer should bring the large green fields, small villages and the pubs to my mind. I have to get more intensively into these beers from the old empire.

Lapin Kulta

I'm drinking this now, while i'm writing. It's beer, but as beer, it is not in anyway good. Lapin Kulta has that, i dont know, Pilsner Urquell-style grassy taste in it.


keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2011

Pour the beer correctly!


This one is competing with the Karhu for the best place from the Big Four.



One of the better ones. Maybe the best from the Big Four. For me please!




This one is propably the best cheaper finnish beer. Smooth and tasteful.